Coping with childlessness

Maybe you are reading this right now because motherhood is not going to happen for you, and the prospect of life without biological children of your own seems unbearable.

You wish you could get on with your life, but painful reminders of “the Mother’s Club” are everywhere: close friends falling pregnant, mums sharing pics of their kids on Facebook, or even the baby products aisle in Coles. These symbols of “how life is supposed to be” trigger painful feelings such as isolation, unworthiness, and other difficult emotions that are often overwhelming and debilitating.

Along with this, you may be feeling a lack of meaning and purpose in life, and you wonder what on earth could even come close to replacing the sense of fulfilment that comes from raising your own children.

Life is just not going as you want it to, and it is so unfair.

It’s time to talk to someone with a skilled ear.

I am a fully-qualified, caring, and insightful counsellor who can relate to these issues because I have been there myself.

Due to my personal experience with involuntary childlessness, I appreciate a lot of things you may be going through.

But more importantly, you have your own unique story that deserves to be heard, validated, and understood. Therefore I offer an empathetic and non-judgemental space in which you can safely share your deepest thoughts, fears, pain…anything.

Along with this, I use theoretically sound approaches that can not only help pinpoint the deep source of what’s troubling you but also provide insights as to how to effectively manage any painful feelings you may be experiencing.

Our work together could also involve

  • Uncovering any barriers that limit you from obtaining a sense of inner peace and general wellbeing
  • Honing in on the core strengths that play a key role in giving you greater resilience and composure in your day-to-day life
  • Nurturing and building upon the wonderful aspects within yourself that childlessness did not take away
  • Finding fresh pathways for you to not only channel your spiritual energy in new and meaningful ways, but to feel more peaceful about who you are the way you are living in this world

If you are ready to improve how you feel about yourself, your life, and your future, book an appointment and let’s get started.